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Next MSE conference

We got some great feedback from students in the last conference, and wanted some additional help for the next one. We are 95% confident on where and when just needing to finalize some paperwork. In the meantime some help on what topics you would like to see would be beneficial. If you could please complete the survey below.


Some new things to look forward to are outdoor hands on activities (weather permitting), homework (it is a good thing), and more frequent breaks. We are still having the 1:1 time and the meet and greet. We are working out more of the details between now and then.



Help needed to design self sufficent expo here in Indy

A colleague and I were throwing around some ideas the other day and we think we hit on a good one. There are lots of classes and expo’s in other parts of the country and not a real good one on self sufficiency here in the Midwest. At least that we knew of. We started talking about what we would like to have and presenting. I think we came up with a plan to be offered as early as November but more than likely February of 2014. We have several well known, national speakers within a relatively short commute to Indianapolis. We have started reaching out to them. So far many have shown interest in presenting. I would love to host a few events here and LOVE to host a 2015 expo at the convention center. It would be great to have a Self-Reliance type expo here in the Circle city. You can help. Complete the survey, pass along, and send to friends. The more data I can gather the more we can tailor the event or events. It is anonymous and I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in Advance
Wolf-Beach Farms
Permaculture Consultant

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