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Be Prepared Series

Be prepares is a series offered by Wolf-Beach Farms. It is designed to be a multiple series of classes picked by the audience, and delivered as often as you would like. The course designers pick from a series of classes or all of the classes. The class on average is about 2 hours and can be one a week, twice a month once a month or every other month. The goal is to fit what your needs are in the time you have.

The series starts with an opening class to go over what and how the classes will be organized. The beginning class the participants will be given a binder. This binder will hold the class notes, handouts, examples, etc. from that particular topic. Each class, the participants will get the handouts, listen and participate in exercises and gain useful insight into the particular topic. Each class will have a section in the binder. At the end of the series the participants will have a handy binder with the necessary information all in one spot. This binder can be used as the “go to” book whenever it is needed.

Classes can be purchased on an individual bases, a series of classes (at a discount) or a whole series at once for a set number of participants. Pricing and classes are flexible and affordable. These series can be customized for your group. Do you want a stronger community built around your church group? When an event happens, who in your group or organization has the skills to help the fellow members out?

Be Prepared series were designed to give participants tools and information in case something happens. This is not to instill fear or doom and gloom. This series was design to help participants face challenges and situations with knowledge and strength rather than fear and ignorance.

Here are some examples.

When a snow storm is announced, what happens at the grocery store? A rush on bread, eggs, and milk. Is everyone going to make French Toast during the storm? These are the wrong things to be stocking up on. Two of the three require electricity to keep them cold and preserve freshness. What if, an announcement was made of a bad storm and you and your family didn’t blink an eye, because you didn’t need a single thing at the store, EVEN if the power went out for days?

Here is another example.

A family of 4 on average spends about $400 per month on groceries according to recent information. Some may be more some may be less. What if I told you that our family of 6 can spend less than $275 per month? It isn’t rocket science, and our pantry is completely full. We eat three meals a day. We even have reserve that if needed could outlast any storm sent our way. Hurricane Sandy had some people without power and local groceries for 6 weeks.

In both cases people say they will just go to the store. Having worked in a major grocery store I can tell you what you see on the shelf is ALL there is in the store. There is little to nothing in “the back room”. The fancy scanner that is used to checkout automatically places an order for the item as it leaves with the warehouse or distributer. IF the trucks are running and they are able to get on the roadways it is 48hrs or more before delivery. The benefits of on demand stocking.

A tornado comes in and wipes out your house. Everyone made it out to safety and you had the keys to the car and everyone is in their PJ’s. You are thankful your family is OK. You return home and everything is gone. How do you document who you are, what you had? Where are all of your papers for insurance, mortgage, bank accounts, and credit cards? In this day and age fraud is rampant. You will need to prove who you are, that your kids are YOUR kids, that what was once your house was YOUR house. Can you imagine the stress, the heartache? Taking a few simple, easy steps and proving who you are, and all the important information will be easily retrievable. Better yet, what if you left, but each had a bag that had cloths, the documents and everything you needed for three days. Three days to put things in order, Three days to not worry about where to sleep, clothing, feeding the family. Sounds like a lot but it is easy to accomplish.

Did you know if you drive a car, SUV, truck etc. you already have access to a generator capable of giving you power in your home if the electrical grid goes down?

Did you know you may already have access to 60+ gallons of water in your home if the water is shut off?

Did you know that you can still communicate with loved ones if cell towers are overloaded?

Did you know that you can produce 800+lbs a year of food on less than 1000sq feet of yard or patio?

Did you know that you do NOT need a rooster to enjoy the benefits of backyard fresh eggs?

These are just a few examples. The Be Prepares series allows you to plan ahead, so that IF you ever have to use these skills, tools, and tips it was planned and thought out when you had a cool, calm, and collective thought process. Here are just a few classes

The series is designed for groups as small as 5 and up to 100 or more.

This is for the average person. It explains things from a basic point of view and uses practical, real world solutions. The series explains how to use what you already have. This isn’t a demo of the latest and greatest gadgets. This is how to accomplish your goals with little to no investment and on a budget.

Do you already have a meeting location? Church space when no services being offered? Meeting rooms, halls apartment club house? All can be used. No location? We work with various venues on different sides of town in and around the Indianapolis area.

Contact us for more details or to start scheduling your own series.


Get advice before you buy property

Are you interested in buying a property but would like some advice or opinions on how you can incorporate permaculture into the design? We can help. Before you buy, bring us out for a tour of your potential property. We can help advise for home placement, pond locations, swales, and general design. Permaculture doesn’t have to be a all at once endeavor. Want to phase it in a piece at a time? Want to know what to do first; what should be your first priority, what needs to be done now and what can wait? We can answer questions like this. We are not structural engineers, nor can we advise you about current codes and regulations. Each state, county, and sometimes city or township has their own rules and is best left to people who know the area. What we can do is advise based on the permaculture principals of sustainable agriculture where ideal placement would be. It would be up to the buyer or owner to verify no zoning, code, or rules would be broken. Do you already have property. We can still help. Let us help you optimize your food production machine. 30 minutes of advice and consulting could save you hundreds or thousands and the additional headache of things we have already learned or mistakes we have already made.

Consulting Page

Contact Us Page

We have apples!

We have been harvesting at least once a week usually twice or more. We have three 55 gal drums full of delicious apples.

We have no idea what kind they are. They were planted some 30 years ago and no on remembers what kind of apples these were. From the best I can tell they are honey crisp and golden delicious. We have about 4 to 1 ratio of honey crisp to golden delicious.

Here are some pics.



We are selling some if anyone is interested cash or trade. If you know how to text or e-mail us use that. If you don’t have that info yet use the contact us page.

These are no chemical no spray or fertilizer. They have had no human intervention other than us picking, so as natural as you can get.

$10 for a stuffed grocery bag or trade. Let us know what you have. We got some yummy meat products from Simpson Family farm earlier this week.


Several people have asked what have I designed or implemented in the way of permaculture. I created a new page of some images, and the PDC design I submitted for my certificate. As I get more clients permission and more designs I will add more examples.

I have also been asked to help evaluate potential properties. I hadn’t originally thought of this as something to offer. But what a great way to save some money. If you have a potential property, or properties that you are thinking of buying, and would like a review from the permaculture perspective I would be happy to give one. The same consulting rates and fees or can be negotiated for just e-mail review or even walk the property with you. Walking the property would give you the best details. You can only learn so much from a picture.

Call out to local landscapers!

I am looking to work with local landscaping companies in and around central Indiana to fill a unique niche integrating permaculture into current landscapes and future landscape projects to be both productive and retaining visual appeal. Contact me for details.

Getting more for less – Class scheduled

Here is a class to make your hard earned money stretch further. All the tips, techniques, and practices my family and I actually use. Demos will be available, handouts will be made available of the items we cover, the products, places to purchase, and recipes. This should be about 2 hours long. If you have missed out on the farm tours, you could hang out after, but it will not be the full 2 hour tours others have gotten, feel free to ask questions before, or after class. We will be sitting outside on our deck, and have bench seating and a picnic table. There is also room for folding chairs if you bring your own. Space is limited so it will be the first 25. There will also be home made pizza as an appetizer to demonstrate cost cutting. There is no public restroom available. Sorry. Cost is $10 per person or $15/couple, easily made up if you use the tips and techniques demonstrated. We have saved well over $700/year doing these activities. Fee free to park in the driveway, our cares will be parked elsewhere. Bonus, drawing at end of class.

We will cover just to name a few subjects/topics not everything is listed;

• Food and Grocery- bulk buying, making from scratch, coupons, discount programs, more

• Entertainment- kicking cable, discounted movies, free e-books

• Making your own-laundry soap (an 11 year old can do it), deodorant, toothpaste

• Cleaning supplies – household cleaners, eliminating harmful chemicals

• Gas- save on fuel for your car

• Utilities- gas, water, electric

• Gardening – how to get seeds for 50-75% off, how to get fruit trees 50-75% off


RSVP here


Herb Blurb – Aloe Vera, a wonder plant.

Aloe has many uses beyond the treatment of sunburn. Aloe is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Some people are not aware that you can eat aloe and use it’s juices. Aloe is also loaded with between 18-20 amino acids and contains sterols such as HCL cholesterol which lowers fats in the blood. Aloe Vera is a well-known adaptogen. An adaptogen is something that boosts the body’s natural ability to adapt to external changes and resist illness. Aloe is known to soothe and cleanse the digestive tract and help improve digestion. Because it is a gelatinous plant, it can help remove wastes from the body as it moves through the digestion tract. It is a known vulnerary, (meaning it helps heal wounds) and is great for applying topically to burns, abrasions, psoriasis and even to bug bites. Aloe acts as an analgesic, acting to help relieve pain of wounds. Aloe is a Disinfectant, Anti-biotic, Anti-microbial, Germicidal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-septic, Anti-fungal & Anti-viral. Aloe Vera contains 12 substances, including B-sisterole, which can help to slow down or inhibit inflammation. Improving your digestion, and detoxifying your will have a secondary effect in promoting weight loss.

We now have several plants available for sale. $5 per plant. Use the contact us page for details.


For sale/Barter

We have updated site to include a product list which is growing and as more items are added we will update the lists. We will also be selling herbs, produce and eggs in the near future. Stay tuned.

We are also going to start a barter list with existing customer and new customers as a way to get services and items you want with spending cash directly.

Planting Barrel V 2.0

So I took the time and redesigned what was a strawberry barrel and no came up with a planting barrel. You can put so much more than just strawberries in them. If you are limited on space, you just want to maximize space, or wanting a new way to display your flowering plants this could work. And bonus it has a built in composter/fertilizer in the center. In 2′ garden space there is not 60 different planting sites.

All of the steps are available for sale.

I started with a 55 gal white food grade barrel with the top cut off. These are available for $20


Next I drilled drainage holes in the bottom. Also available for $20 and can be used for a potato barrel. You could probably get 3-4 layers of potatoes in one barrel, around 30-60 lbs of potatoes.


Next pilot holes along the outside edge for cutting the holes.


Using a jigsaw  I cut approximately 9″ lines between the holes but not connecting them.


Using a blowtorch I softened the plastic and inserted empty wine bottles to hold the shape until the plastic cools. Do this in a well ventilated area, and make sure the caps are off the bottles. Learned that one hard way. If the bottles heat up and the cork/lids are still on they can explode from the pressure.


You have to keep the row above filled with bottles while forming the second one down. As you heat the plastic the upper pockets will start to close.


Here is the completed barrel with composted in the center and filled with compost/mulch mix ready to be planted. I plan on making this into a salad/herb garden, with varieties of lettuce, cooking herbs, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes. I will publish and post once the plants start to develop.

These are available for $70 empty,

$80 full of compost/mix,

$90 with composter and prepopulated with worms.

$120 filled with strawberries and all of the above

$150 filled with salad and cooking herb mix.


These are made to order and some plants may not be available. Allow 2-3 days from order to availability. There may be an increased price based on plants requested. Delivery is also available and there may be a fee based on distance from SR 135 and Stop 11.

To order or ask questions use the contact us page or the consulting page.

Strawberry Barrel V 1.0

What to do when you run out of horizontal planting space, or there is no soil to plant in? You go vertical. I saw this online and I decided to make my own it was relatively simple and I had an abundance of 55 gal plastic barrels.

My kids love strawberries and this is a way to densely pack plants into a small space. Since we grow with no chemicals, no pesticides, no man made fertilizer we will let our 2 year old pick and eat right off the plant. It is her favorite thing to do when walking outside. Our sidewalk going to our front door is lined with strawberry plants and the barrel is just off our front porch.  When the door opens she bolts to see if there are any red berries ready for picking.

I first take a 55 gal drum and cut off the top below the thicker ring at the top. In this case I purchased them with the tops already removed due to how they were used. Not all drums are the same. Some have thinner walls, and I always get food grade barrels that contained food grade materials.

Next I drill holes at varying levels, and use a jigsaw to cut the openings. The first one I made I used a 1×2 scrap wood and a blowtorch to open up the planting holes. I am in the process of making strawberry barrel V 2.0 and will have more pictures along the way, and list the improvements. I use the torch to heat the plastic to make it more pliable to bend the top of the cuts in, and the bottom out to make the planting hole. I drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage. Next I fill in the barrel with compost/mulch mix. Plant the berries. This particular design has 45 plants in a 2’ round space. It should produce about 5-10 lbs of strawberry next year. We are getting some this year, but they will be heavier the year after planting.

Look for version 2.0 in the next week. I do sell Version 1 and 2 if anyone is interesting in owning one, but either doesn’t have the time, tools, or resources to make their own. It can be barrel only, barrel molded, barrel molded and filled with compost mix, or the whole picture. Click on the contact us page, or consulting for more details.

You can plant more than just strawberries, but our new rule at our house is if a new plant comes in it has to have a purpose, if not more than one. Either we can eat it, it improves the soil, or attracts beneficial insects. Strawberries are green almost year round, produce fruit, and has taught the 2 year old colors. Well at least red vs green.

This is just after planting day 1



Here is 30 days after planting. The solar panel in the barrel has nothing to do with the plants. It is a solar charger for lights that illuminate our American flag at night, and that was the best place to get sun.