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Prepper Chicks interview 26-Nov-13

PrepperChicksWebHomeHere is a link to the Prepper Chicks interview I did on November 26th 2013. I big thank you to Prepper Chicks for having me on the sh and helping promote permaculture and more sustainable living including homesteading.



Click on the link below to listen.

Rick Beach on Permaculture with Prepper Chicks Podcast


I am going to be on Prepper Chicks Radio tomorrow at 8am

PrepperChicksWebHome Tomorrow morning I will be talking with Lori from the Prepper Chicks Radio show about the homesteading class I gave last Saturday, the upcoming conference with Midwest Sustainable Education Conference, and some future classes coming up next year. First radio show I have done, but as my wife says, I have the gift of gab, so it should be interesting. Big thanks for having me on the show.