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A few updates

Now that we have had a little of warmer weather is seems as things are going full speed ahead. I wanted to give a little update on several of the projects and activities for anyone following.

Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show

I will be presenting Permaculture Thursday 3-13-14 and Aquaponics on Sunday 3-16-14. More details.


We will be migrating our website to a different host to be able to give more features, benefits, and more freedoms. There may be a bump in this transition. You can always follow us on Facebook as well.  If you are wanting to schedule a class, or consulting time check out the available time/dates on the calendar.


The greenhouse is 70% dismantled. I decided to tear it down this winter due to the inability to expand it, heat it, and cool it in summer. I decided to build a hoop house instead over the existing pond and growing area.

Hoop house

The V1.0 of the hoop house was an utter failure big lesson learned. It was a test, and using materials I already but didn’t stand up to the 10” of snow we got in one day. I used PEX tubing, and some rebar along with clear 6mil plastic sheeting.

The version 2.0 was another big lesson learned. I used 10’ PVC pipe and attempted to connect with “T” fittings in the middle and bend the 20’ sections into an arch. Well the pipe would bend, the “T” couldn’t handle the stress and I shattered 3 trying to make the hoop.

Version 3.0 was to make it in an “A” frame just to get something out and plants in the ground. So far this is holding. Version 4.0 I am on the lookout for metal “T” fittings and try it again. Pictures of all will come when I write them up.


In the near future I and another individual will launch a new podcast. We are focusing on topics we hold important and highlight local small businesses in the process. There will be podcasts of each of us on various topics, podcasts of discussions (we both have the gift of gab), interviews, and even Q&A from listeners. We modeled a lot off what Jack Spirko has done with TSP. He paved the way for a great podcast. We wanted to focus on things locally that impacted us here in the Midwest as well as highlight local small business owners. If you are a small business owner and would like to discuss being on the show let me know. There are some requirements before we ever put an advertiser, local business, or recommend anyone or anyplace to listeners. If you have a topic that you think people would be interested in again, please let me know. More details when we have everything in place probably in the next week. We are both very excited to get this out. Not everyone can attend classes, so we can reach more people while in their commute, at work, doing dished, or just hanging out at home.


Our new logo is back at the designers. 1st round comments went back and we are waiting on the revised images.

Alternative Gardening MeetUp

I ran a poll on the Alternative Gardening MeetUp site and we are now adding Homesteading to the mix. It just flowed since you would need to do something with the food you produced, and most of the people in the group were already interested in the topic. If you are not a member, we are building meetings all the time. Here is the new site. http://www.meetup.com/AlternativeGardeningHomesteading/

Tour of our place

We will be scheduling tours as soon as our property dries up and some green starts to show again.

Midwest Sustainable Education Conference

We had to cancel the conference due to lack of interest. We didn’t meet the minimum number needed before the deadline at the resort. This was a tough decision, but had to do it. If you were interested in attending, but didn’t register, I would love to know how we could have improved it. We will look to offer another conference in fall. Spring-Fall is the busiest time for all who were involved.


Midwest Sustinable Education Conference – Kenlake, KY March 21-23

If you were thinking about attending the March conference now is the time to register. March 1st is a pivotal date for registration for us. We have added a bunch of additional information and hands on activities to the schedule and program. Spring is around the corner and having the knowledge before you begin would most definitely save you time, money, and headaches.


If you are using the education gained from the conference to further your own business ventures, this may be a business expense on next years taxes. Please consult a tax professional. If you are expecting a tax return, this may be a good use for the funds.

Be sure to take advantage of the discounts available.


This will be the last conference until late fall due to everyone’s busy schedules.

March 21-23rd.

Details at www.midwestsustinable.org

MSE participant comments from January

We just uploaded a few of the comments from the January conference that participants filled at while attending.

We took the suggestions to heart and made some additions and changes based on what the participants had to say. Changes such as, simultaneous classes on varied topics, hands on activities, more depth discussion on certain topics, and location change.

Some things we left the same as what people wanted, such as the meet and greet session, and the open Q&A sessions.


Get away weekend Feb 22nd

image from eps-ai.blogspot.com

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you haven’t planned anything yet you may be in luck. Cambria Suites in Plainfield if giving discounted room rates if you are attending any of the Homestead and Preparedness classes. I stayed there during the MSE Conference in January. The rooms are very nice, large, andway nicer than places I have stayed in the past. Each room is stocked Wolfgang Puck Coffee and teas, Bath and Body toiletries, have coffee maker, Wi-Fi, and a mini refrigerator. Indoor pool and hot tub is a nice bonus as is the larger gymfacilities. They also offer free transportation to the airport. While there is still snow on the ground and still more to come. It could be a nice getaway. The conference is the weekend AFTER Valentine’s Day, February 22nd but surprise them this weekend. Have dinner and drinks in the hotel and bar or walk over to The Black Swan.

There is a wide variety of classes to take, something that would fit just about anyone. Start planning for your growing season, or come get firearm training, or training about refusing to be a victim. More and more there is news about the crime rate here in Indy. Learn how to help prevent being one of those statistics.

8-9 Introduction and starting your garden (FREE SEEDS), how to get started, and maybe learn some new tricks

9-11 Introduction to permaculture – Exact class that was part of MSE conference but reduced price

11-12 Canning water bath and pressure – how to preserve your foods, not just from your garden, but save money at the store too.

1-3 Applying Permaculture Principals -Exact class that was part of MSE conference but reduced price

3-4 Dehydrating – how to preserve your foods, not just from your garden, but save money at the store too.

4-6 Aquaponics – Growing both fish and plants with no chemicals, more productive than ANY other agriculture technique per space

6-8 Medicinal Herbs – What medicinal herbs you can grow, some potential uses, and preparations

RSVP through the Alternative Gardening Meetup. http://www.meetup.com/AlternativeGardening/

I have partnered up with a pair here in Indy to offer some great security and personal defense classes. Very knowledgeable people.

8am-12pm Utah Permits

1pm-5pm Refuse to be a victim

5-7 pm Introduction to preparedness

The RSVP on Meetup http://www.meetup.com/Indiana-Disaster-Preparedness/

Feb 22 flyer

MSE March Schedule now available

The MSE conference schedule is now available and up on the site. There are several discounts available for the conference.


1. Register early and prepay. 5% off
2. Prepay and register early and get multiple tickets. 10% off
3. Use MSB discount from The Survival Podcast prepay. 15% off
4. Use MSB discount and get multiple tickets prepay. 20% off

MSB registration is $50/yr. You save $60 on MSE conference with registration. You just made $10 by getting the discount, and registering. PLUS you get all the other MSB discounts.



Student and client feedback on permaculture design

Here are some comments from the MSE conference we held in January.

“When you have a room full of people, and many of them have or are doing what we want to, it shows that it can be more than a dream for us.” K.F. Indiana

As part of the January conference 2 properties were selected for a permaculture and sustainable agriculture design. Some highlights were what to do with your septic field to make it productive, where to put internal and external fencing for livestock, where to install waterlines, establishing an orchard, where to put swales and so much more. We will be having another conference March 22nd in Kenlake, KY.

While the property owners got a 20 page report detailing species, phases, and suggestions, this is some of the maps we helped them with. It may just look like a bunch of squiggly lines but each dot and line has a meaning and how to implement.


Property Map Rural     Septic


Rough Fence - water Blog      House

“Thanks for the plan and work you put into this project.  We are thrilled and excited to get to work on transforming our property.  We couldn’t be happier with the results of the design.” K.F. Indiana  

Do you want something like this for your property? Do you want to do more with your land but need a map on where to start? Want to see the possibilities? I can help. Check out the consulting page, or contact us page for more information.


Next MSE conference March 21-23

It has been decided and finalized (well for the most part) the next conference will be March 21-23 at Kenlake State Park, Kentucky. It will be the three of us again, but new topics in some cases.



Schedule is here…


As you can see still filling in based on feedback from future students here.


Next MSE conference

We got some great feedback from students in the last conference, and wanted some additional help for the next one. We are 95% confident on where and when just needing to finalize some paperwork. In the meantime some help on what topics you would like to see would be beneficial. If you could please complete the survey below.


Some new things to look forward to are outdoor hands on activities (weather permitting), homework (it is a good thing), and more frequent breaks. We are still having the 1:1 time and the meet and greet. We are working out more of the details between now and then.


Press coverage from MSE Conference

Here is some local coverage we got from our conference this past weekend.




Picture courtesy of The Flyer Group.

Picture courtesy of The Flyer Group.


A little more than 24 hrs until the Sustainable Agriculture conference starts tomorrow evening. Not too late to sign up.

A little more than 24 hrs until the Sustainable Agriculture conference starts tomorrow evening. Not too late to sign up. More details at www.midwestsustainable.org

We now have a little over 24 hours until the start of the Midwest Sustainable Education Conference. We will be starting with a meet and greet at Black Swan Brewpub 5:30pm. They are reserving space for us to mingle and discuss things before the conference. Presenters, Darby Simpson, Jason Akers, and myself are putting the final touches on presentations and designs. It is not too late. While online registration has been closed you can still use the Contact us at www.midwestsustainable.org page for pre-registration. You can still register all the way until conference start time of 7 am Saturday Morning but will be full price.

This conference has taken up a bunch of my time lately and will get back to regular posting after the conference. With 162 slides and even more photos to present in 4 hrs (240 minutes or less) I have to average 1.5 min per slide. Then there is 4 hours of property design and discussion. BUSY weekend.

If you missed out this weekend we MAY be having another in March/April but it may not be as local, like out of state, and may not be the same content. I am working on some smaller classes locally but nothing like this. Keep Feb 22 open for that. More details in the future.

Big thank you to Cambria Suites for working with us, such great accommodations, and working around our MANY needs.