The Farm

My wife’s family has lived on a plot of land for over 15o years. It was originally just under 80 acres. 76 and 61th’s according to her grandfather. Over they years if has shrunk to just under 6 acres. It has the original homestead and has been added to ever since. Over the last 20 years the farm has had little to no maintenance despite many great benefits. To date we have discovered;

  • A peach tree only one in need of maintenance
  • Apple trees 2 to date
  • Cherry trees, 10 to date
  • asparagus patches, three to date
  • Red raspberry patches, 10×20′ patch maintained
  • Black berry patches hidden by overgrowth
  • hand dug well
  • mulberry trees over 20 to date
  • pond which holds water (non stocked, but frogs galore)
  • gooseberry, only one
  • Main large barn
  • horse/livestock barn
  • original smokehouse
  • tractor barn
  • shop
  • homestead house

All of this needs work. And 20 years of weeds, overgrowth, and maintenance needed. This section is dedicated to the upkeep, maintenance, and work we are putting into restoring the family farm, educate ourselves about farming, utilization of permaculture, and making something better.

Each update will be linked to a blog post, and link by date in this page. We have nicknamed this endeavor “The Farm”

9-23-13 update



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