Here are a few words from people we have worked with or have attends classes provided and feedback they provided.

Rick, thank you so much for coming out today. I’ve studied all the edible landscaping books and websites, and as i mentioned my family has gardened seriously for generations, so i was honestly surprised to learn so much from you! Your ideas were relevant, practical, affordable, and ABUNDANT, LOL: You have definitely found your calling. I’m feeling confident now about my next few projects – more than i asked about! – and excited to get started. Looking forward to checking out the follow-up sites you sent. Best of luck in your new endeavors – this is definitely what Buddhists refer to as “right employment.”

Dawn R. Indianapolis IN

We have 2.5 acres which, prior to this year, we didn’t think we could do much with. Now, after learning about permaculture principles, and especially after a walk-through with Rick throughout our property, we realize how many possibilities there are for our property. We are excited to start working on those ideas and already have a good start. With the ideas Rick has given us, we figure we have a good 3-4 years work to do to implement those ideas. We are excited to see the transformation of our property into a permaculture food forest!

Kern L. Bloomington IN

“When you have a room full of people, and many of them have or are doing what we want to, it shows that it can be more than a dream for us.”

K.F. Indiana

“Thanks for the plan and work you put into this project.  We are thrilled and excited to get to work on transforming our property.  We couldn’t be happier with the results of the design.”

K.F. Indiana  


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