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Survey for next classes

People have been asking to have classes closer to them or asking when is the next time it will be offered. As of right now I have no other classes schedule. This is where you come in! What do you want to see, when and where.

I put a survey out and this will give me an idea on when and where to schedule something.



Free Class Saturday March 22nd 10-noon, Introduction to gardening and food production

Reposting, It is this weekend. Discounted seed packets will be available. Spring is here, and now is the time to get started. Spread to anyone who may be interested.

Wolf-Beach Farms


This meet-up is FREE sponsored by The Point Church and Community Center.

We will be discussing many topics such as when to start, companion planting, deep mulch, composting, edible landscaping, back yard chickens and more.

If the continuing food price increases are getting you down start producing your own. You do not need land to grow your own food. There are tips and techniques that you can even grow indoors in a window or even without.

With the drought in California fruit and vegetable prices are going to go up. Recently California ranchers stated they will be liquidating many of the herds. This means increased prices on beef as well.

Tired of all the chemicals in and on your foods. Grow your own and know exactly what is in it.

The slides are for classroom use only and no notes/handouts provided. If you would like a copy of the slides…

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I’m Presenting at the Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show Mar 8-16

Today at 10:15 at the Greendell stage. Back Yard Food Production

Wolf-Beach Farms


It is time again for the Indiana Flower and Patio Show. I will be presenting at three separate times on three separate topics. There are so many great presenters this year. I have met quite a few, know a bunch, and listen to many of the presentations. Some great information. Below is the schedule for the Greendell Mulch Stage where I will be presenting.

Details on the show.

Sat, March 8

10:15 Paver Patio “How to” for the DIY junkie Shaun Yeary Greendell Mulch, Mix & Hardscapes

11:30 Building a Rainbarrel Andy Cochran Circle City Rainbarrels

12:30 Water Cycle Andy Cochran Circle City Rainbarrels

1:00 Food Gardening For Beginners Amy Mullen Spotts Garden Service

2:00 Container Gardening Darren Collins Wischmeier Nursery

3:00 Urban Agriculture- Blueberries Joshua, Nathanael,David Welch You-Pick Blueberry Farm

4:00 Urban Beekeeping Jeff Dittemore Bee Friendly Beekeeping, LLC

5:00 Identification and Control of Invasive Plants Harold Thompson Hoosier…

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This weeked. Feb 22nd Plainfield Indiana

Feb 22 flyer


The Day We Fight Back: Protest NSA Surveillance on Your Blog

If you run your own site, or have a WP account please add this to your site.

The Blog

Today, a broad coalition of interest groups, websites, and people around the world are joining together to fight back against government surveillance. We’re supporting the “Day We Fight Back” on and have created a banner that you can easily add to your blog to get involved, too.

The “Stop NSA Surveillance” banner shows support for this important cause and provides a link to a page of resources to help visitors to contact members of the US Congress to support much needed anti-surveillance legislation. For more information, please visit

How to add the banner to your site

Here’s how to add the banner to your site in three steps:

  1. In your dashboard, go to Settings  Protest NSA Surveillance.
  2. Click on the checkbox labelled Protest Enabled.
  3. Click on the Save Changes button for the change to take effect.

The banner will remain on…

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Reminder Local learning opportunities

Reminder Local learning opportunities starting tonight at 7pm

Wolf-Beach Farms

Tonight– Wednesday November 6th at 7pm Edible Wild Plants presented by Chris Martini, park manager of Southeastway Park, presenting at the Franklin Township Civic League, 8822 Southeastern Avenue Indianapolis, IN. This is a free class and a great opportunity to learn about wild edibles. This is definitely something you don’t want to learn from a book or online. If you want to register online please do so at the Alternative Gardening Meetup site.


Saturday November 23rh 9am. Full day class on homesteading. I will be presenting on turning your back yard into a food production machine, then how to preserve and store what you have produced. Lastly some DIY items you can make yourself, healthier and cheaper such as; laundry soap, toothpaste and more. Get free samples and register to win a free planting barrel. A $120 value. The cost is $40 per person and a discount…

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Global Soaps confirmed November 23 homesteading class

It is confirmed Global soaps will be at the November 23rd class on homesteading. Come talk to them about natural soaps, lotions and pick up a few things.

Here is Global soaps blog.

Question of the day, Who owns the interstate cloverleaf?

I have a question and putting it out to as many people I know and can reach. If you know the answer please either respond in the social media which you saw this or comment on the website for the original posting. This website is linked into all my social media outlets and I home one of you will be able to answer.

FW Cloverleaf

I have researched but not been able to get a good answer. I want to know who owns the cloverleaf exchanges at interstates. They are maintained by the state, but does the state own them? Is it city, county, state, federal? Is it a little of all of the above? I see some with trees, some with “do not mow” signs, some with grass, some even have art around my area downtown, but who controls them. If some of you know me, and know my passion for permaculture you may see where this is going. I would like to know who owns them, how and possibly how to contact them. Is it a department, is it a group? What is needed to “make improvements”? Do  you have to have a public hearing? Additionally who “owns” the medians between the interstate. For the purposes of my area (Indianapolis) Interstate 65, 70, 74 etc.

I have a plan and once I get to the bottom and have some answers, more to come as I may need help in “persuading” these same people this could be a good idea.

Get advice before you buy property

Are you interested in buying a property but would like some advice or opinions on how you can incorporate permaculture into the design? We can help. Before you buy, bring us out for a tour of your potential property. We can help advise for home placement, pond locations, swales, and general design. Permaculture doesn’t have to be a all at once endeavor. Want to phase it in a piece at a time? Want to know what to do first; what should be your first priority, what needs to be done now and what can wait? We can answer questions like this. We are not structural engineers, nor can we advise you about current codes and regulations. Each state, county, and sometimes city or township has their own rules and is best left to people who know the area. What we can do is advise based on the permaculture principals of sustainable agriculture where ideal placement would be. It would be up to the buyer or owner to verify no zoning, code, or rules would be broken. Do you already have property. We can still help. Let us help you optimize your food production machine. 30 minutes of advice and consulting could save you hundreds or thousands and the additional headache of things we have already learned or mistakes we have already made.

Consulting Page

Contact Us Page

Homemade Deodorant: I Swear It Works and I Don’t Smell Like Patchouli

I found this as an interesting alternative.

A Green(ish) Life

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been buying Suave-brand deodorant, for no other reason than that it’s the cheapest (bottom-shelf shopper!). But over the past year or so I’d been feeling like it wasn’t, ahem, working for me anymore. And since I’ve been slowly switching to all organic/green products in my life over the past few years, I felt it would be a good time to try not starting my day by rubbing cancer-causing aluminum all over my pits!

First, I tried a deodorant made by Tom’s of Maine. I’m easily overwhelmed by smells – I don’t wear perfume and pick very mild scents in the products I buy – so I went with the original unscented version (I did have a little chuckle in the store over the patchouli scented version  – HIPPIES!). While I’m not a huge fan of how Tom’s toothpaste tastes, I thought…

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