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New source for tilapia

Hey everyone, I just wanted you to know about a local (somewhat) source for tilapia and feed in the area. Blue Note Farm I just found out about in the Lafayette area. I will be picking up forty 2″ fingerlings this weekend. I also added them to the links on the right.


Free Class Saturday March 22nd 10-noon, Introduction to gardening and food production


This meet-up is FREE sponsored by The Point Church and Community Center.

We will be discussing many topics such as when to start, companion planting, deep mulch, composting, edible landscaping, back yard chickens and more.

If the continuing food price increases are getting you down start producing your own. You do not need land to grow your own food. There are tips and techniques that you can even grow indoors in a window or even without.

With the drought in California fruit and vegetable prices are going to go up. Recently California ranchers stated they will be liquidating many of the herds. This means increased prices on beef as well.

Tired of all the chemicals in and on your foods. Grow your own and know exactly what is in it.

The slides are for classroom use only and no notes/handouts provided. If you would like a copy of the slides you can purchase them before or after the class $5. Cash or via PayPal There are lots of charts and graphs. All information is available for free if you know where to look. No audio or video recording allowed.

Details at the Link below or to RSVP

Midwest Sustinable Education Conference – Kenlake, KY March 21-23

If you were thinking about attending the March conference now is the time to register. March 1st is a pivotal date for registration for us. We have added a bunch of additional information and hands on activities to the schedule and program. Spring is around the corner and having the knowledge before you begin would most definitely save you time, money, and headaches.


If you are using the education gained from the conference to further your own business ventures, this may be a business expense on next years taxes. Please consult a tax professional. If you are expecting a tax return, this may be a good use for the funds.

Be sure to take advantage of the discounts available.


This will be the last conference until late fall due to everyone’s busy schedules.

March 21-23rd.

Details at

Get away weekend Feb 22nd

image from

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you haven’t planned anything yet you may be in luck. Cambria Suites in Plainfield if giving discounted room rates if you are attending any of the Homestead and Preparedness classes. I stayed there during the MSE Conference in January. The rooms are very nice, large, andway nicer than places I have stayed in the past. Each room is stocked Wolfgang Puck Coffee and teas, Bath and Body toiletries, have coffee maker, Wi-Fi, and a mini refrigerator. Indoor pool and hot tub is a nice bonus as is the larger gymfacilities. They also offer free transportation to the airport. While there is still snow on the ground and still more to come. It could be a nice getaway. The conference is the weekend AFTER Valentine’s Day, February 22nd but surprise them this weekend. Have dinner and drinks in the hotel and bar or walk over to The Black Swan.

There is a wide variety of classes to take, something that would fit just about anyone. Start planning for your growing season, or come get firearm training, or training about refusing to be a victim. More and more there is news about the crime rate here in Indy. Learn how to help prevent being one of those statistics.

8-9 Introduction and starting your garden (FREE SEEDS), how to get started, and maybe learn some new tricks

9-11 Introduction to permaculture – Exact class that was part of MSE conference but reduced price

11-12 Canning water bath and pressure – how to preserve your foods, not just from your garden, but save money at the store too.

1-3 Applying Permaculture Principals -Exact class that was part of MSE conference but reduced price

3-4 Dehydrating – how to preserve your foods, not just from your garden, but save money at the store too.

4-6 Aquaponics – Growing both fish and plants with no chemicals, more productive than ANY other agriculture technique per space

6-8 Medicinal Herbs – What medicinal herbs you can grow, some potential uses, and preparations

RSVP through the Alternative Gardening Meetup.

I have partnered up with a pair here in Indy to offer some great security and personal defense classes. Very knowledgeable people.

8am-12pm Utah Permits

1pm-5pm Refuse to be a victim

5-7 pm Introduction to preparedness

The RSVP on Meetup

Feb 22 flyer

MSE March Schedule now available

The MSE conference schedule is now available and up on the site. There are several discounts available for the conference.

1. Register early and prepay. 5% off
2. Prepay and register early and get multiple tickets. 10% off
3. Use MSB discount from The Survival Podcast prepay. 15% off
4. Use MSB discount and get multiple tickets prepay. 20% off

MSB registration is $50/yr. You save $60 on MSE conference with registration. You just made $10 by getting the discount, and registering. PLUS you get all the other MSB discounts.


Help with Logo

                As we start growing with consulting, farming endeavors, teaching, we would like to get some swag. I want more shirts, sweatshirts, etc. We need a brand logo design that we can use on printed materials, clothing, the website etc.

                If this is something that is up your alley let us know. Someone who may just be getting started or already established it doesn’t really matter. The concept and design is what is important. We can also help market your service and designs if this is something you either do full time, or would like to start making money doing.

What we need:

Simple design illustrating Wolf-Beach (nice that we have names that are actual objects).

The design will be used across multiple companies, we have the farm, consulting, educating, and others are being developed.

2-3 colors.

Can print as a logo on a 4”x4” front shirt, business cards, printed materials, and banners.

Not necessary but can use Wolf-Beach or Wolf Beach or wolfbeach in the design.

If any of this is something you or someone else can do let us know through the contact us page.

Scholarship for the January conference

scholarshipWe are please to announce that we are offering two scholarships to attendees who would like to attend but would otherwise financially be unable to. This was in part due to a pay it forward program that Jack from TSP mentioned in a podcast. There is a link to the podcast on the MSE site. For people who have the means of  setting up a scholarship it has typically been to attend a university. Well lately a degree from a typical university hasn’t gotten you ahead financially like the school recruiters told you it would. Most people just rack up the debt, and end up taking jobs that have nothing to do with their degree or even need a degree for the position. We want to help a few people out where we could. Here are all the details.

January conference just got cheaper!

SaveEveryone, Jack from The Survival Podcast just offered the MSB discount for $30 rather than the usual $50. If you are buying one ticket to the January conference you save $22.50 using the MSB discount PLUS all the MSB other discounts and free stuff. If you are buying 2 tickets you save $60.00 (total 2 tickets x $30.00). You are now DOUBLING your discount for spending the $30 PLUS all the free and discounted stuff from the MSB. If you are on the fence now might be the time to make a decision. The sale is only until December 15th.

Here is the link for the MSB details.

Here is the registration for the January conference.

Help us get 100 or more likes.

FBWe are trying to expand beyond friends, family, and people we have consulted with in the past. Help us do this. If we can get to 100 likes (67 currently) we will give away some free consulting time. You DO NOT have to be local. It could be online help via e-mail or phone call. Want help with permaculture questions? Want some homesteading help? Have preparedness or other self sufficiency questions or problems? Now is your chance to cash in.


If we can get to 100 likes before December 1st, 1 person from the list will be chosen randomly. The 2 year old will pick a name from a hat. Already liked us? You can still get in, share this post. Your name will go in, in addition to the new people who liked. That means 2 entries possibly for each person. 1 for liking and one for sharing. If we hit 200 before December 2 people will be selected, and the person who refers the most new people will get a consult as well, just put in the comments who shared the page with you.  

Reminder Local learning opportunities

Tonight – Wednesday November 6th at 7pm Edible Wild Plants presented by Chris Martini, park manager of Southeastway Park, presenting at the Franklin Township Civic League, 8822 Southeastern Avenue Indianapolis, IN. This is a free class and a great opportunity to learn about wild edibles. This is definitely something you don’t want to learn from a book or online. If you want to register online please do so at the Alternative Gardening Meetup site.


Saturday November 23rh 9am. Full day class on homesteading. I will be presenting on turning your back yard into a food production machine, then how to preserve and store what you have produced. Lastly some DIY items you can make yourself, healthier and cheaper such as; laundry soap, toothpaste and more. Get free samples and register to win a free planting barrel. A $120 value. The cost is $40 per person and a discount for couples. Pay in advance to reserve your seat. More details and to register here. Global Soaps will be on hand to sell and discuss natural soap and lotion making.


January 10-12 there will be a 2 day seminar on permaculture, homesteading, selling you overage produced, rotational grazing, fencing and more. Three presenters Jason Akers from Self Sufficient Gardner, Darby Simpson from Darby Simpson Consulting and Simpson Family Farm, and I will give two full days of information. Then a meet and greet on Friday night to mingle and get some extra personal attention and questions answered and the evening of Saturday the 11th will be a round table question and answer session, so participants can get their specific questions answered or more details from topics discussed. Bonus, two properties, one urban and one rural will be selected for a permaculture and rotational grazing build. This alone is worth several hundred dollars. The cost for both days and access to the meet and greet is $150 in advance and there are discounts available and payment options available. More details later this week. We are developing a site specific to this project. I wanted to get the information out and people to start planning. It will be at the Cambria Suites hotel in Plainfield so if you wanted to stay and not have to drive out each day there are a block of rooms reserved already. Indoor pool, gym, and some pretty nice suites. Great getaway in the middle of Indiana winter