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I have spring fever!

                Permaculture is a transformation of your landscape. Have you wanted to implement permaculture principals but have no time? Or are you lacking the correct tools? Have you wanted to have fruit trees but pruning them and management of them is intimidating? There may be a solution.

                I can help you design your landscape, and have recently found someone in the area who can help you install and manage it. With years of experience in landscaping and tree management he can help you install the initial phases of your project once mapped out. With experience in diagnosing tree issue, and an experienced climber he is able to treat and trim trees back to give optimal sun exposure.

                Now is the time to start planning your permaculture food plot. With 8 inches of snow on the ground it is hard to believe, but planning out well in advance can save you time, money, and frustration down the road. I added a little here and a little there for years, and never looked at my property as a whole. Had I taken some time and planned it out I would have gone about things completely different.

Yard w improvments

                I have always wanted one of the trees that grow up against a wall and not only is great to look at, but produces fruit. I never know how to go about doing that. Or when to prune, how to prune, so that I don’t kill the tree and make it as productive as possible. I personally don’t prune because I have a 20’ pole and I want the trees as natural as possible. This does mean I get less production. But with 30+ fruit trees at the moment, I have more fruit than I know what to do with. It is possible to get trees pruned in such a manner as to only allow them as tall as you can reach, and get huge crops off of them. I now know someone who can do this for you. This method can really save space on tight urban lots.  You could even use them as privacy fence, although when the loose their leaves you loose  your privacy.

picture from

picture from

Over the last 2 days I just planted 2,000+ seeds for my spring/summer crops. If I take off the grow bulbs since we don’t have a good window to put them in all of the seeds, containers, soil cost me less than $20. I did this in 8 sq. feed of my basement and I only used 30% of the available space. You can do this too, you just have to think outside the box. From vegetables, to greens, to herbs both medicinal and culinary. What we don’t plant at the three garden sites, will be up for sale/trade. Bartering is a wonderful thing, FYI still looking for some logo work help.IMG_0905



IMG_0908 IMG_0909

Want some help getting started? Need help mapping out what to put where? Use the contact us page. Want to make space for a new garden but overhanging tree branches get in the way. Use the contact us page. Want help installing your permaculture food plot. Use the contact us page. See a theme? 



Help with Logo

                As we start growing with consulting, farming endeavors, teaching, we would like to get some swag. I want more shirts, sweatshirts, etc. We need a brand logo design that we can use on printed materials, clothing, the website etc.

                If this is something that is up your alley let us know. Someone who may just be getting started or already established it doesn’t really matter. The concept and design is what is important. We can also help market your service and designs if this is something you either do full time, or would like to start making money doing.

What we need:

Simple design illustrating Wolf-Beach (nice that we have names that are actual objects).

The design will be used across multiple companies, we have the farm, consulting, educating, and others are being developed.

2-3 colors.

Can print as a logo on a 4”x4” front shirt, business cards, printed materials, and banners.

Not necessary but can use Wolf-Beach or Wolf Beach or wolfbeach in the design.

If any of this is something you or someone else can do let us know through the contact us page.

Thank you Trade School Indy and Students

Today’s class was amazing and some great questions and answers. Thank you all who came out to participate and for the barter items. I hope you all got something out of it. I apologize if it was a bit rushed but I wanted to cover as much as possible. If any of you have further questions or follow up please contact me through e-mail or use our contact us page. This was a first time as a presenter with Trade School, and it was a very rewarding experience. I hope to give more on similar and other topics in the future. Thanks for the help loading at the end as well.


I am having another class the end of November covering much of what was covered today and so much more. It will be 8 hours on homesteading, 4 hours on back yard food production, more in depth details, how to build, and examples. We will also cover how to preserve and store all that you grow and produce. The last part of the class will be examples and how to make you own items such as soaps, laundry detergent, and more. Here is the link to the details.  


There will also be a 2 and ½ day conference in January. Covering Permaculture, rotational grazing, bringing your products to market, and designing both a urban property and a rural property. Participants can submit their own property for consideration. This design is worth hundreds and then add on the time, energy, and resource savings and it is well worth your time and money. More details to come.  

Oct 26th is FULL and Bonuses for the Nov 23rd class

The class is full with Trade School Indy.

October 26th 2:00 PM

This is a short, but dense class on turning your back yard into a food production machine. Get some ideas and get ready for spring.

If you would like a similar class at your location Contact Us. Or if you want the Be Prepared Series.

There is a full day class, with bonus of making your own soaps, laundry soap and other topics including food preservation. Free samples of tooth paste and soaps. If you want laundry soap sample please bring a sealable 1 cup container for each soap type (currently 3). We will have sample containers for the toothpastes. Register through the link below.

November 23rd class

Prepay and register for the class and get a free entry to win a planting barrel. $340 value if purchased other places (will not name but sale online and in some local markets), $100 value from me. Discounts are available for couples or families. We now can take credit cards online or at the door using Square even though we personally despise them. Cash is much better. If the class fills completely (80 paid or bartered seats) each person in attendance will get a free gift. ($20 retail value worth much more in savings of time and energy)

Not 100% confirmed yet but we may have a local soap and lotion producer present who have goat milk soaps and lotions. Learn about the process, try, and buy products. I have personally been to their operation and was very impressed. More details once everything is confirmed and links to their site.


Global Soaps will be at the class to discuss and sell natural soaps and lotions.

If there are some other local producers (that align with the topics covered) in the area let me know, we may have additional spaces available for booth or tables.

We have apples!

We have been harvesting at least once a week usually twice or more. We have three 55 gal drums full of delicious apples.

We have no idea what kind they are. They were planted some 30 years ago and no on remembers what kind of apples these were. From the best I can tell they are honey crisp and golden delicious. We have about 4 to 1 ratio of honey crisp to golden delicious.

Here are some pics.



We are selling some if anyone is interested cash or trade. If you know how to text or e-mail us use that. If you don’t have that info yet use the contact us page.

These are no chemical no spray or fertilizer. They have had no human intervention other than us picking, so as natural as you can get.

$10 for a stuffed grocery bag or trade. Let us know what you have. We got some yummy meat products from Simpson Family farm earlier this week.

Eating local

This harvest was grown with no chemicals, no man made fertilizers and cost little to nothing to produce. 100% organic, and traveled just feet from my door. How far did your food travel today? What was used on it? Do you know where you food has been? How much are organic apples, tomatoes or organically raised meat, running in the stores these days?


This is from just 1 hour harvesting from some of our apple trees. We have two 55-gal drums full of apples and only started to make a dent in the harvest.  More picking this weekend. Each bin weighs about 150 lbs.


two plants one harvest. All this came from only two plants in our aquaponics greenhouse in one day. This will go great into the home made v-8. using almost entirely things from our gardens.

Barter meat

So we are not currently producing our own meat, other than eggs. But I was able to barter some meat for apples. Some really nice brats, and package of chicken from a local farmer (Simpson Family Farm). I literally helped raise some of these. I knew exactly how they were raised and where processed. I know the farmer. I have been “interning” learning the ways or organic meat production in return for labor.

So our meal tonight, home made pasta, brats, salad, and baked apples, I know where 90% came from. As I either grew it or had a hand in producing it. The exception is the flour for the pasta, and oils in the dressing. Majority of ingredients in the salad came from our back yard. The cheese, the local farmers market. Hopefully we will be making our own cheese in the near future. Croutons, I made from home made bread. 5 years ago I wouldn’t have thought all this possible. Today, I am thinking what can I produce next?

For sale/Barter

We have updated site to include a product list which is growing and as more items are added we will update the lists. We will also be selling herbs, produce and eggs in the near future. Stay tuned.

We are also going to start a barter list with existing customer and new customers as a way to get services and items you want with spending cash directly.