Survey for next classes

People have been asking to have classes closer to them or asking when is the next time it will be offered. As of right now I have no other classes schedule. This is where you come in! What do you want to see, when and where.

I put a survey out and this will give me an idea on when and where to schedule something.


New portfolio projects

Are you curious what a property design might look like? How can I help you? I can create a map custom designed for your specific property that is not only an image where to plant, but also a detailed report on species, climate, phases or stages to design, how to amend soils, and how to combat erosion issues. I just uploaded two property designs I created. Newer designs include more detail and more information with web links to plant species, links to resources for additional information, and how to start making money using your property. You do not need to have a “farm” to grow income. You can do it in just a 1/4 acre plot.  With the property owners permission I have posted two additional designs based on a rural configuration where the owners wanted to introduce livestock to their property, 50 acres. The second property is a suburban property and shows the possibilities of what you can do on a smaller portion of land, only 1 acre. You can have a design for any number of situations and configurations. 100+ acre tract down to an apartment window.


Prices for design are based on time needed and applied to the design, each design will be unique. For details on pricing use the consulting page.


Rural Design

Urban Design

Free Class Saturday March 22nd 10-noon, Introduction to gardening and food production

Reposting, It is this weekend. Discounted seed packets will be available. Spring is here, and now is the time to get started. Spread to anyone who may be interested.

Wolf-Beach Farms


This meet-up is FREE sponsored by The Point Church and Community Center.

We will be discussing many topics such as when to start, companion planting, deep mulch, composting, edible landscaping, back yard chickens and more.

If the continuing food price increases are getting you down start producing your own. You do not need land to grow your own food. There are tips and techniques that you can even grow indoors in a window or even without.

With the drought in California fruit and vegetable prices are going to go up. Recently California ranchers stated they will be liquidating many of the herds. This means increased prices on beef as well.

Tired of all the chemicals in and on your foods. Grow your own and know exactly what is in it.

The slides are for classroom use only and no notes/handouts provided. If you would like a copy of the slides…

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Great info-posters Afristar Foundation

In one of my many circles of information I came across this amazing site for information posters. One was about companion planting which I have seen before but never knew where it originated. Now I have a source. Even though these are based around South Africa there are 15 or so good information posters. Here is the link.

You can purchase or download. There are not based here in the US however.

I asked about buying the 15 poster set and shipping to the US. I will update once I hear back. But the 15% sales tax and $100+ for the set makes it a bit expensive.

Wormfarms-AF Planting-a-Tree-AF Permaculture-Guilds-AF Liquid-Manure AF-zones- AF-Greywater A-Frame-AF- Companion-Planting Making-Compost-AF Water-AF

New source for tilapia

Hey everyone, I just wanted you to know about a local (somewhat) source for tilapia and feed in the area. Blue Note Farm I just found out about in the Lafayette area. I will be picking up forty 2″ fingerlings this weekend. I also added them to the links on the right.

Permaculture basics at 1pm today

I am teaching permaculture basics at the Indiana Flower and Patio show today at 1-3pm. Stop by, listen, say hello. Class is free with admission to the show. It will be on the Greendell stage

Additional details.

Aquaponics Sunday at 1pm

Upcoming events

Class at the Indiana Flower and Patio Show – Introduction to Permaculture Thursday 3-13-14 1-3pm

Class at the Indiana Flower and Patio Show – Aquaponics  Sunday 3-16-14 1-2pm

FREE class at The Point Church and Community Center – Introduction to gardening and food production 3-22-14 10am-noon

A few updates

Now that we have had a little of warmer weather is seems as things are going full speed ahead. I wanted to give a little update on several of the projects and activities for anyone following.

Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show

I will be presenting Permaculture Thursday 3-13-14 and Aquaponics on Sunday 3-16-14. More details.


We will be migrating our website to a different host to be able to give more features, benefits, and more freedoms. There may be a bump in this transition. You can always follow us on Facebook as well.  If you are wanting to schedule a class, or consulting time check out the available time/dates on the calendar.


The greenhouse is 70% dismantled. I decided to tear it down this winter due to the inability to expand it, heat it, and cool it in summer. I decided to build a hoop house instead over the existing pond and growing area.

Hoop house

The V1.0 of the hoop house was an utter failure big lesson learned. It was a test, and using materials I already but didn’t stand up to the 10” of snow we got in one day. I used PEX tubing, and some rebar along with clear 6mil plastic sheeting.

The version 2.0 was another big lesson learned. I used 10’ PVC pipe and attempted to connect with “T” fittings in the middle and bend the 20’ sections into an arch. Well the pipe would bend, the “T” couldn’t handle the stress and I shattered 3 trying to make the hoop.

Version 3.0 was to make it in an “A” frame just to get something out and plants in the ground. So far this is holding. Version 4.0 I am on the lookout for metal “T” fittings and try it again. Pictures of all will come when I write them up.


In the near future I and another individual will launch a new podcast. We are focusing on topics we hold important and highlight local small businesses in the process. There will be podcasts of each of us on various topics, podcasts of discussions (we both have the gift of gab), interviews, and even Q&A from listeners. We modeled a lot off what Jack Spirko has done with TSP. He paved the way for a great podcast. We wanted to focus on things locally that impacted us here in the Midwest as well as highlight local small business owners. If you are a small business owner and would like to discuss being on the show let me know. There are some requirements before we ever put an advertiser, local business, or recommend anyone or anyplace to listeners. If you have a topic that you think people would be interested in again, please let me know. More details when we have everything in place probably in the next week. We are both very excited to get this out. Not everyone can attend classes, so we can reach more people while in their commute, at work, doing dished, or just hanging out at home.


Our new logo is back at the designers. 1st round comments went back and we are waiting on the revised images.

Alternative Gardening MeetUp

I ran a poll on the Alternative Gardening MeetUp site and we are now adding Homesteading to the mix. It just flowed since you would need to do something with the food you produced, and most of the people in the group were already interested in the topic. If you are not a member, we are building meetings all the time. Here is the new site.

Tour of our place

We will be scheduling tours as soon as our property dries up and some green starts to show again.

Midwest Sustainable Education Conference

We had to cancel the conference due to lack of interest. We didn’t meet the minimum number needed before the deadline at the resort. This was a tough decision, but had to do it. If you were interested in attending, but didn’t register, I would love to know how we could have improved it. We will look to offer another conference in fall. Spring-Fall is the busiest time for all who were involved.

I’m Presenting at the Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show Mar 8-16

Today at 10:15 at the Greendell stage. Back Yard Food Production

Wolf-Beach Farms


It is time again for the Indiana Flower and Patio Show. I will be presenting at three separate times on three separate topics. There are so many great presenters this year. I have met quite a few, know a bunch, and listen to many of the presentations. Some great information. Below is the schedule for the Greendell Mulch Stage where I will be presenting.

Details on the show.

Sat, March 8

10:15 Paver Patio “How to” for the DIY junkie Shaun Yeary Greendell Mulch, Mix & Hardscapes

11:30 Building a Rainbarrel Andy Cochran Circle City Rainbarrels

12:30 Water Cycle Andy Cochran Circle City Rainbarrels

1:00 Food Gardening For Beginners Amy Mullen Spotts Garden Service

2:00 Container Gardening Darren Collins Wischmeier Nursery

3:00 Urban Agriculture- Blueberries Joshua, Nathanael,David Welch You-Pick Blueberry Farm

4:00 Urban Beekeeping Jeff Dittemore Bee Friendly Beekeeping, LLC

5:00 Identification and Control of Invasive Plants Harold Thompson Hoosier…

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