Barter Book/For Sale

Here are a few items either we have to barter or our customers have to barter. You can barter for our items directly or you can barter with our customers directly. We will also do a three way/credit barter. See examples below. IOU, promissory note, or coupon/contract may also be used.

1:1 barter with us
You want our consulting services/products. You have something on our want list. We trade our product/service for your item(s) if all agreed, and deal is done.

1:1 with our customers

You see something on their list you want. You contact them for an exchange of your goods/services for theirs. We are not involved other than posting the information for our customers.

3 way barter

You want consulting/products from us, but do not have anything we are currently looking for. A customer “Jan” has something we are interested in. We consult for you, you give the item to Jan, Jan gives us the item we were interested in. All parties communicate and agree before any transaction, service or good exchanged.

Here are a list of customers, and a link to their page of wants/and products or services offered.

Wolf-Beach Farms



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