About us

Who we are. We are a small (I mean Micro) farm raising a variety of things in our suburban back yard. We are aiming to grow our operation and are using our own homestead as a proving ground for experiments, techniques, learning experiences, and proof of design. We grow on 0.22 acres in the suburbs of Indianapolis.

We want to educate others to grow their own food. We grow everything as chemically free as possible. We use Permaculture techniques, companion planting, no till, composting, and seed saving to name a few.

Some of what we have done, grow, teach, experiment with.

Edible landscaping. – pull up your shrubs and bushes and plant items you can eat. Dual purpose.

Medicinal plants and herbs. – we grow a variety of plants for medicinal purposes and grow the list regularly.

Berries – we use strawberries as ground cover in gardens, raspberry/blackberry as fencing, and have blueberry hedges.

Fruit Trees- We currently have three fruit trees and will be expanding soon. Apple, pear, peach.

Greenhouse – we have a 10×12 greenhouse where we grow a variety of plant, winter plants, have our aquaponics, and start seeds.

Vegetable Gardens – we have a variety of year round crops we grow and experiment with.

Composting – we dump all food wastes into our compost. Even meat and dairy (chickens usually eat it first)

Chickens – for eggs, meat, fertilizer, and well entertainment

Aquaponics – We have a 1800 gal aquaponics pond in our greenhouse where we grow goldfish, crawfish, catfish, and frogs. See Aquaponics posts for more details. Also a large variety of plants within the aquaponics system.

Fish – we have goldfish, crawfish, catfish, frogs more to come.

Hugakulture – Using decomposing wood to add to soil for growing. We modified the idea of sorts for our purpose. Still works in the end.

Water harvesting – May not sound like farming, but try paying to water all those plants can get expensive.

We want to teach people through this site, in person and through the classes we offer at a local store.

On the horizon, rabbits, bees, mushrooms, vermiculture (worms), and powering the whole farm off grid.


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