Great info-posters Afristar Foundation

In one of my many circles of information I came across this amazing site for information posters. One was about companion planting which I have seen before but never knew where it originated. Now I have a source. Even though these are based around South Africa there are 15 or so good information posters. Here is the link.

You can purchase or download. There are not based here in the US however.

I asked about buying the 15 poster set and shipping to the US. I will update once I hear back. But the 15% sales tax and $100+ for the set makes it a bit expensive.

Wormfarms-AF Planting-a-Tree-AF Permaculture-Guilds-AF Liquid-Manure AF-zones- AF-Greywater A-Frame-AF- Companion-Planting Making-Compost-AF Water-AF


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