I have spring fever!

                Permaculture is a transformation of your landscape. Have you wanted to implement permaculture principals but have no time? Or are you lacking the correct tools? Have you wanted to have fruit trees but pruning them and management of them is intimidating? There may be a solution.

                I can help you design your landscape, and have recently found someone in the area who can help you install and manage it. With years of experience in landscaping and tree management he can help you install the initial phases of your project once mapped out. With experience in diagnosing tree issue, and an experienced climber he is able to treat and trim trees back to give optimal sun exposure.

                Now is the time to start planning your permaculture food plot. With 8 inches of snow on the ground it is hard to believe, but planning out well in advance can save you time, money, and frustration down the road. I added a little here and a little there for years, and never looked at my property as a whole. Had I taken some time and planned it out I would have gone about things completely different.

Yard w improvments

                I have always wanted one of the trees that grow up against a wall and not only is great to look at, but produces fruit. I never know how to go about doing that. Or when to prune, how to prune, so that I don’t kill the tree and make it as productive as possible. I personally don’t prune because I have a 20’ pole and I want the trees as natural as possible. This does mean I get less production. But with 30+ fruit trees at the moment, I have more fruit than I know what to do with. It is possible to get trees pruned in such a manner as to only allow them as tall as you can reach, and get huge crops off of them. I now know someone who can do this for you. This method can really save space on tight urban lots.  You could even use them as privacy fence, although when the loose their leaves you loose  your privacy.

picture from sharonhockenhull.wordpress.com

picture from sharonhockenhull.wordpress.com

Over the last 2 days I just planted 2,000+ seeds for my spring/summer crops. If I take off the grow bulbs since we don’t have a good window to put them in all of the seeds, containers, soil cost me less than $20. I did this in 8 sq. feed of my basement and I only used 30% of the available space. You can do this too, you just have to think outside the box. From vegetables, to greens, to herbs both medicinal and culinary. What we don’t plant at the three garden sites, will be up for sale/trade. Bartering is a wonderful thing, FYI still looking for some logo work help.IMG_0905



IMG_0908 IMG_0909

Want some help getting started? Need help mapping out what to put where? Use the contact us page. Want to make space for a new garden but overhanging tree branches get in the way. Use the contact us page. Want help installing your permaculture food plot. Use the contact us page. See a theme? 


One response to “I have spring fever!

  1. Pruning fruit trees? I absolutely hate doing that. For years I didn’t do it because I had to “Defend my Decision.” My wife was always second guessing me… “Oh don’t take that branch, think of all the fruit that could be on it.” Nowadays I just take off the crossed branches, ‘whips’, or diseased ones and call it good.

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