Fodder system

I started my fodder system last night allowing my seeds to soak. I am using wheatgrass. I have pictures and video of the system (nice stacking system for space saving), cost me only the price of the grain $18/50lbs of wheatgrass.


While I am outside, my youngest decided to “help” and poured 15 lbs of seeds into my 5 gal bucket of water. Well I could either throw all the extra away OR have a massive amount of fodder ready at the same time. I chose the 2nd part. I will feed some to the birds early, some when ready, and let it go longer.

In short, I will NOT have pictures and video of what it is SUPPOSED to look like for another 15 days.  What I wanted to show was each phase how it would be rotated and stacked to maximize yield in a small space. Once I run through this batch I will start over and demo the way I wanted, until I had helper monkey put her hands into it.

Until then, check out another way to make your own fodder system outside. This is From jack Spirko from The Survival Podcast.

Here are some pics of the seeds I am starting inside. I have a post and video of it too in time. Getting an early start this year. Again, had to moves these up 5 feet off the ground, because the 2 year old found the broccoli and ate all the sprouts.


4 responses to “Fodder system

  1. Haha, as a Dad to a 2 year old, I can relate. I hope you have hungry birds. 🙂

    Funny you post this, as I just wrote up a description of my barley fodder system yesterday. My chickens love it!

    Thanks for a great MSE Conference. I really enjoyed myself.

    –Mike (the guy from OH sitting up front that asked too many questions)

    • Mike, I remember you. That is exactly why we wanted to do our own conference. More personal relationships and more face time with everyone. We are firming up our next conference, and have made some changes based on what you all said about it. One of the big things I like is an outdoor hands on part of the day. 90% sure we are having it in a state park, so even better. Looks like I am heading to Kentucky for March 21-23rd weekend.

      I read your post on fodder, nice write up! That will be some stiff competition. My birds have been attacking whoever comes out to feed them lately. They will jump into the feed bucket before anyone can even pour it out. I had one on each shoulder and one in my hoodie yesterday.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you at future events! Good luck with the attacking birds. 🙂

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