Indiana Homesteading and Preparedness Conference Feb 22, 2014

I recently scheduled a series of classes here in Indy. We are calling this the Indiana Homesteading and Preparedness Conference. This will be the first we hope of many in the future. We have a lineup of other great presenters in the future. Things like cheese making, soap making, goats, rabbits, back yard chickens, upcycling materials, improvised weapons, baton training, NRA training, and so much more. Want more leave a comment on what you want to see.

Here is the schedule for the Permaculture and related classes. Two of them are the same I gave during the MSE conference; one is what will be given at the NEXT MSE conference in March (estimated), held in Kentucky. We will be bringing it back here to Indiana this fall

All are pre-pay registration. This is to ensure we have seats, and the seats are filled. Too often people RSVP then don’t show.

Attending any of the classes? Hang out at Black Swan after the conference, socialize and build some community.   Everything is held on Feb 22 out in Plainfield Indiana at the Cambria Suites.

8-9 Introduction and starting your garden

9-11 Introduction to permaculture

11-12 Canning water bath and pressure

1-3 Applying Permaculture Principals

3-4 Dehydrating

4-6 Aquaponics

6-8 Medicinal Herbs

RSVP through the Alternative Gardening Meetup.

I have partnered up with a pair here in Indy to offer some great security and personal defense classes. Very knowledgeable people.

8am-12pm Utah Permits

1pm-5pm Refuse to be a victim

5-7 pm Introduction to preparedness

The RSVP on Meetup

4 responses to “Indiana Homesteading and Preparedness Conference Feb 22, 2014

  1. Just wondering if you’ve ever tried using a solar oven. I bought mine from It’s American made in a city near Chicago. I’ve had mine about 7 years and it still works well. You can use them for food drying also. They let me become a dealer if I bought five of them. (back in 2006). I’m not sure if that’s still the case, but I just bought some for my kids and friends. It’s worth checking into especially for a person in your position.

  2. I would love to be a presenter. 🙂 I live nearby, and teach smaller seminars, nine hours, in the area.

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