Some fun with kids

Someone wanted me to post a few ideas we use at our house for fun with kids. So here are some different ideas. I like to think outside the box, and really like giving the kids something that they either have never seen or heard of before, or something that challenges me and I have fun with too. My chance to be a big kid again.

Snow time fun

Use clean food grade, or new never used spray bottles. You can get them at the dollar store for 3/$1.00. Pick up a pack of liquid food coloring. A few drops in the bottles and fill with water. Now go out and paint your white canvas of snow.  The more bottles you use the more colors you can come up with. Mix and match colors for new color combinations. Here is a home school tip. What colors can you make with what combinations of food coloring drops? Red and yellow make what? All depends on the age. Your white canvas will soon look like a bunch of hippies took over your yard with a tie-dyed commune and your snowman will look out of this world. FYI, special note, a friend whom I trust with advice and her word on issues like this, is Guardia has been showing up in snow. We had to tell our kids not to eat snow this year as a result.  It is a waterborne illness and can cause death. Additionally if you use yellow as a color in the bottle, well lets just say you HOPE the yellow snow was the food coloring if they ate it.  


Awesome indoor fun. Note, I do not recommend the food coloring. The more kids play with it, the more the coloring works into the skin. May have some smurfs running around.  We roll our wax paper and let the kids have different utensils to play with it on the table. Spoons, forks, rolling pins etc. Here is the recipe and a video on what it should look like. Also a science lesson for you homeschoolers.


Mega tinker toys

In warmer months, go to your local home improvement store. Buy 20 or so ½ inch 8 foot lengths of PCV pipe, a contractor bag ½ inch fittings, 4 way, 3 way, 90⁰ angles. Cut the pipes into 1, 2, and 4 foot lengths. If you have a PVC pipe cutter (looks like ratcheting pruners) it is easier. Now turn the kids loose. Let them build all kinds of designs and structures. Add a few tarps and you have a never ending design of forts, castles, hideouts, and caves.

Once they are tired of that, usually takes a month or two, buy a connection fitting to connect the PVC to your garden hose. Now you have water fun, or use a dremel with a super small drill bit and have a never ending unique water sprinkler activity set.


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