I was mentioned on The Survival Podcast!

                 Today I was mentioned by name and article on The Survival Podcast an international podcast with over 90,000 listeners. So, today on Episode 1249 at 53 minutes into the show Darby Simpson from Darby Simpson Consulting mentioned an article I had written for our new venture Midwest Sustainable Education Conference. It was about supplementing your livestock feed with things you can produce such as fodder, azolla,  and duckweed. Check out TSP and the Midwest Sustainable Education Conference. Big thanks to Darby for mentioning me on the air.   Who knows, maybe one day I can be the Midwest Permaculture expert counsel for TSP. There is an east coast, a west coast already. Dare to dream right?

If you like the article and other things I have published come take a look at the full day Homesteading class November 23  or the 2 1/2 day permaculture and sustainable agriculture conference in January.


One response to “I was mentioned on The Survival Podcast!

  1. Wow!!! How cool is THAT!!! Congratulations! 🙂

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