2 more seats sold for the January Conference

I just got confirmation two additional seats sold for the SoldJanuary Conference with Midwest Sustainable Education Conference. Again from Michigan. Must be something about the Michigan winter and not much to do up there with all the snow and cold. We welcome the new attendees! With an indoor pool and gym at the hotel, the cold winter shouldn’t be a problem. You will be thinking warm thoughts as we talk about how to turn your property into a permaculture sustainable system in the coming spring/summer.

Spread the word before early registration discounts run out. A full class means we will be offering it again, and we can start offering other classes like off grid power, medical and first aid, additional homesteading classes and much more. Be sure to take advantage of the early registration discount or the MSB discount through The Survival Podcast. Using the MSB membership, your discount will be greater than the MSB cost i.e. you actually save more than you spend making your membership FREE.

There are still openings for my November homesteading class here in Indy. Planting barrel/composterOnly 8 hrs, but jam packed of information. While registration through the sites listed isn’t necessary, it does help plan on how much to bring and plan for. There is a free registration for a planting barrel with every advanced seat sold. We can take credit card registrations/payments, but there is a 4% fee due to credit card transaction fees. Cash is always accepted.


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