New Midwest Sustainable Education Conference site launched.

     I am proud to be a part of this new collaboration for sustainable agriculture here in the is the result of not having a sustainable agriculture conference here in the Midwest. This is a new collaboration between myself and Darby Simpson from Darby Simpson Consulting and Jason Akers from the Self Sufficient Gardner. We are having an education conference here in Indy January 10-12. Please check out the site for more details.


11 responses to “New Midwest Sustainable Education Conference site launched.

  1. How or where would I go about finding a valid coupon code if I was trying to get a few people to come? Thanks, it looks great, I really hope to make it.

    • Homestead Dad and others. There is a discount for couples who attend or buy in sets of two, then an additional discount if you are MSB members through TSP. If people were wanting to possibly get a group rate, I have talked with my co-presenters, and a groups of 5-9 can get an additional 5% off. Groups of 10 or more could get 10% off. This is NOT combined with other discounts. If you have a group already we can send you the code for the discount. The coupon/discount would be for a group rate on a single purchase or purchases if more than one group good only for that group. Use the contact us on our site here or on the MSE page for additional details. If you register and are staying at the hotel, be sure to mention the Midwest Sustainable Expo to get the block of rooms already reserved.

      • Ok, So the discount code is for members of MSB? I was just looking at the register page and obviously the registering multiple people with the coupon code is the best deal and coming all the way from the Detroit area any money we could save would be great. Thanks, I will look into the membership. I don’t think I will be able to round up 5-9, but I will see what I can do, thanks again.

      • The MSB is something that we as a group readily support, mainly because of what Jack, the voice behind TSP has put out. We all have felt that his message and what he puts out is worthwhile and is a way to support the other members, and the same time, help him the way he has helped us. MSB membership is $50 for a year and you get dozens of other discounts and perks as a result of being a member. Listening to the show is free. The membership in my opinion is a way to give back, and as a bonus you get discounts. For instance, I got $280 off my PDC course. WELL paid for the membership. Other discounts to different other sites, exclusive books and videos. With future presentations we would probably use the MSB discount again and have more of his expert counsel or guests teach. But it may be worthwhile to get a few friends together, carpool, or share the hotel room. Some rooms have two separate rooms, and 3 full/queen beds per room. I am all about saving a buck, so if I can help someone make it more affordable to attend and we are still able to cover our costs, I will do my best to help.

      • Perfect, thanks. I hope to meet you in person come January. And I am all about supporting others of similar mindsets.

      • Oh, out of curiosity, what is PDC? Permaculture Design Certificate?

      • Exactly. The original cost was $1000 and some change. It was VERY worth the investment. Through the MSB discount made it even more affordable. From one of the greatest teachers Geoff Lawton, he DVD series, and the 30+ hours of bonus materials. Then the added forum to discuss topics. I would have never even able to travel to take a PDC and I got the added bonus if being able to watch over and over.

      • I may have to think about that. Thanks again.

      • Sorry Homestead dad, I just re-read your original question, we would assign a special code if people could get groups or 5-9 or 10 or more for their own unique discount code.

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