Question of the day, Who owns the interstate cloverleaf?

I have a question and putting it out to as many people I know and can reach. If you know the answer please either respond in the social media which you saw this or comment on the website for the original posting. This website is linked into all my social media outlets and I home one of you will be able to answer.

FW Cloverleaf

I have researched but not been able to get a good answer. I want to know who owns the cloverleaf exchanges at interstates. They are maintained by the state, but does the state own them? Is it city, county, state, federal? Is it a little of all of the above? I see some with trees, some with “do not mow” signs, some with grass, some even have art around my area downtown, but who controls them. If some of you know me, and know my passion for permaculture you may see where this is going. I would like to know who owns them, how and possibly how to contact them. Is it a department, is it a group? What is needed to “make improvements”? Do  you have to have a public hearing? Additionally who “owns” the medians between the interstate. For the purposes of my area (Indianapolis) Interstate 65, 70, 74 etc.

I have a plan and once I get to the bottom and have some answers, more to come as I may need help in “persuading” these same people this could be a good idea.

One response to “Question of the day, Who owns the interstate cloverleaf?

  1. I imagine the department of transportation in your city would be a good place to ask. They are in charge of maintaining the roads and would probably know.

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