Get advice before you buy property

Are you interested in buying a property but would like some advice or opinions on how you can incorporate permaculture into the design? We can help. Before you buy, bring us out for a tour of your potential property. We can help advise for home placement, pond locations, swales, and general design. Permaculture doesn’t have to be a all at once endeavor. Want to phase it in a piece at a time? Want to know what to do first; what should be your first priority, what needs to be done now and what can wait? We can answer questions like this. We are not structural engineers, nor can we advise you about current codes and regulations. Each state, county, and sometimes city or township has their own rules and is best left to people who know the area. What we can do is advise based on the permaculture principals of sustainable agriculture where ideal placement would be. It would be up to the buyer or owner to verify no zoning, code, or rules would be broken. Do you already have property. We can still help. Let us help you optimize your food production machine. 30 minutes of advice and consulting could save you hundreds or thousands and the additional headache of things we have already learned or mistakes we have already made.

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