Review – Berkey water filter


Berkey – We love our Berkey. Since I mentioned it earlier. No chemicals, no electricity required and we get great pure water. We went ahead and got the filters to remove fluoride and other chemicals added to our water. We were not big water drinkers because frankly Indianapolis water is horrible. Again as a chemist, when I read what “they” find acceptable for water limit contamination I was appalled. We now all drink more water, less carbonated drinks, less sugar filled drinks and feel much better as result. We even make ice using ice cube trays to make sure our water is free and clear of contaminates. We used to use the ice from our automatic ice maker. When the ice would melt there would be all kinds of floating material and junk. Not with the Berkey. Again using my chemistry background and more specifically working in a water lab that does analysis on water for a pharmaceutical company I knew how to read an interpret what the filter analysis showed for removing contaminates using the Berkey. While a high upfront cost it has well been worth it. I know that if I ever had to I could get water out of the ponds and filter through the Berkey and it would be safe to drink. If there is ever a boil order for Indianapolis city water I have no worries the Berkey can handle it. Interested in one, talk to Jeff at Directive 21. Get extra filters. Nice to have once yours run out (long long time if taken care of) to plug the next in and then order a replacement. Another tip, only use 2 ports of 8 if you get the bigger size Berkey. It may filter slower, but not as expensive to replace filters, and if you get in the habit of filling it is always full when you need it.

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