Help needed to design self sufficent expo here in Indy

A colleague and I were throwing around some ideas the other day and we think we hit on a good one. There are lots of classes and expo’s in other parts of the country and not a real good one on self sufficiency here in the Midwest. At least that we knew of. We started talking about what we would like to have and presenting. I think we came up with a plan to be offered as early as November but more than likely February of 2014. We have several well known, national speakers within a relatively short commute to Indianapolis. We have started reaching out to them. So far many have shown interest in presenting. I would love to host a few events here and LOVE to host a 2015 expo at the convention center. It would be great to have a Self-Reliance type expo here in the Circle city. You can help. Complete the survey, pass along, and send to friends. The more data I can gather the more we can tailor the event or events. It is anonymous and I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in Advance
Wolf-Beach Farms
Permaculture Consultant

Survey Link


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