Natural Cold Remedy

               Each year about this time the colds and allergies start popping up. I am once who get allergies, and if not treated, turns into a sinus infection and I then I go down for a while. So when I start to feeling a bit off, or colds and the like start to show the signs I make a batch of my cold remedy.

                It started several years ago because I couldn’t eat anything due to a sore throat and stomach bug at the same time. But has evolved into a preventive measure.

                I start by using 1 quart of homemade chicken or turkey broth.  I pressure can batches whenever I make it. Usually 5-10 quarts at a time whenever we have a chicken or turkey carcass and I have enough leftover herbs and ingredients. Here is the process I use for making my own broth.

                You can substitute 3 chicken bouillon cubes in 2 cups of water for home made broth or purchase readymade broth. My opinion is you do not get the same benefits, but it will do if there is nothing else. There are many benefits to using the marrow and natural ingredients vs. commercial broth.

                Two table spoons of fresh chopped garlic, or minced raw garlic. I suppose you could use dried garlic, but I have always had fresh or minced handy. What you want are the oils and liquids from the garlic.

                Several sprigs of fresh chopped parsley either curl leaf or Italian. About a tablespoon tablespoons of dried parsley can be used. Again I usually have fresh, but sometimes in the middle of winter I use the dried stuff from my garden.

                A teaspoon or two depending on tolerance of black pepper. This is one of the few things I cannot grow here, well honestly haven’t tried, yet. You want it peppery, but not so hot it burns the throat. If I didn’t salt the broth I will salt it to taste. If using bullion cubs you shouldn’t need to add salt.

                Combine all the ingredients in a microwave save container or put on the stove to boil. Bring all to a boil and allow to cool enough to drink warm. I personally use the mason jar which had the broth in it. Place in the microwave for a few minutes until boiling (remove the metal lid, have to say it though…). Allow to cool and drink.

                Why does this work? Because gramdma said chicken soup for the cold. Well, sort-of. The chicken broth has all kinds of fats, oils to help the others be more easily absorbed by the body. Not to mention all the benefits from stock and marrow.  Parsley, garlic, and black pepper have antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, diuretic, and many more benefits including loaded with vitamins such as C and A.

I take this, and get some rest (usually turn on golf or Bob Ross video. “Happy little trees”). The point is let the broth do its work. Another treatment is a sauna treatment. I am building one at The Farm. That is another post. FYI, guys don’t let you wife read that post or you will be building one as well.

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