DIY – Laundry Soap

                With a price tag of $0.02 per load price tag I was curious about making my own laundry soap. I read about people making their own laundry soap for some time on various forms and blogs. I decided to give it a try. A while back I was in our local Rural King and saw a photocopied recipe in the laundry area just sitting on the shelf. Too many signs to not give it a try.

                There are many recipes based on what is in your water, ease of use, liquid vs. dry soaps and what type of machine you had. I decided to start simple and make a basic liquid soap and build from there. Below are the three ingredients plus water.   

Borax Washing Soda Naphtha Soap

Washing Soda
Naphtha Soap

 NOTE: Do not use your household appliances or utensils unless otherwise approved by the significant other. Lesson learned. It was later spelled out in detail what I was not permitted to use in experiments, non-food purposes, or otherwise non-edible by people activities.

  • Cheese grater (not appropriate for making laundry soap)
  • Kitchen pots/pans (not acceptable for laundry soap, bar soap, candle making)
  • Microwave (lots of cool experiments with these if you have a SPARE)
  • Blender (blending fish carcasses for fertilizer is not an acceptable application)
  • Food Processor (blending compost for worm food is not an acceptable use)
  • Crock pot (not acceptable for making fire starters, or candles)

Here is the process, it takes maybe 30-45 min total

  • 1st use a grater to grate 1/3 the naphtha bar soap.
  • Melt 1/3 bar sop in pan with 6 cups of water over medium heat (30 min or so)
  •  Add ½ cup Borax
  • Add ½ cup Washing soda and stir until dissolved
  • Pour mixture into 5 gal bucket
  • Add enough water to make 2 ½ gal and either put lid on or pour into empty laundry soap container (We bought the larger sizes with a dispenser and 2 ½ gal just fills a container.
  • It will look like egg drop soup
  • You will need to shake the container or stir the bucket before using
  • Use only ½ cup.  

You can use this in high efficiency front load washers is what we have, or top loaders.  The only complaint I have is that ONLY my towels come out stiff. To remedy that I add ¼ cup or so of vinegar to the fabric softener area of my washer when washing towels.  You can also add a few drops of essential oils to the mix if you wanted a more fragrant laundry. We tried and like adding the oils, but were perfectly fine with leaving them out. The clothes still smell clean and fresh, and even more so since we hang them to dry.


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