International Market

How is this about homesteading or farming? Well, our longer term plans on our farm is to raise as much of our own food as we can. This means we have looked at alternatives in meats and other food sources. We have plans to raise goats, frogs, fish, quail, rabbits, cows, and pigs. We have eaten pork and beef before; we both have tried rabbits and frog when prepared by others; but we have never prepared it ourselves.

This is where the international market comes in. We recently took a trip to our local international market which we discovered was right down the street. We were amazed at the fruits and vegetables we have never seen before, and some we have never heard of. Jack Fruit. About the size of a watermelon with spikes all over it. Or the dragon fruit.


Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit




 We were on a mission however, and after walking up and down the aisles we knew had to come back. We made it back to the meat counter and found all sorts of cuts of beef and pork you typically do not see in the big box grocery stores. Cow tail, pork brains, fresh fried pig skin and then we found it, goat. We were on a mission to find fresh goat meat. If we were going to raise goats as a potential meat source we wanted to try it first. We had seen some at our local farmers market but at $19/lb it was more than our grass fed beef we like, and more than we wanted to spend. Our purpose with goats are threefold. One, we wanted them to clean out all the underbrush at “The Farm”. Two we wanted an alternative meat source, either for ourselves or to sell. Three, we wanted an alternative milk source, for ourselves to drink, to possibly sell, for cheese, and for soaps.

While in the meat area, we also saw they had quail and rabbit. These will be purchased on our future trips. We made the comment to go back once a week and try something new.  We also picked up some corn meal to make our own tortillas and chips. Our family likes taco night so we are going to make fresh tortillas and use an alternative meat and see if the kids can tell.

If you have an international market I highly suggest going in and taking a look. You don’t have to buy, but just see what they have. Maybe be daring and try something you never have before. There were so many things we have never heard of before we almost wanted a guide to help us out. What is that, and how to you cook or eat it? What does that say? Many labels are in other languages, but many have English on them, or pictures

We will be cooking the goat this weekend as it takes longer to slow cook to make sure it is tender. We also have more projects out at “The Farm” So next week will have lots of posts.

The Farm update, preparation of goat meat, DIY laundry soap I am down to one last container, and our battle with poison ivy and what remedies we have tried, what didn’t work, and what has


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