I am presenting at Foodcon IV in Indianapolis

The Harrison Center for the Arts presents FoodCon IV, our unconventional convention celebrating the art and culture of food in Indiana. Now in its fourth year, FoodCon IV will gather a wide and exciting variety of local food enthusiasts. In the courtyard, attendees can learn more about raising goats and chickens, beekeeping, salmon cooperatives, hydroponics, lead abatement, the Garden Tower Project, Handsel Farms, the Butler Campus Farm, cow share programs, cooperative groceries and much more.

Late on Monday I got a call to have tables set up for various aspects on which I teach and practice at our homestead. I will be speaking about rain barrels, food preservation, aquaponics, and my wife will be presenting on medicinal herbs you can grow in your back yard along with their uses.
If you will be in the Indianapolis area on Friday evening come check it out. The cost is FREE.


Don’t forget, Saturday we are hosting a tour at our micro farm in suburbia at 9am. We may be inclined to offer an 11 am tour for those that like to sleep in a bit later. If 9 is just too early let us know you would like a later time.


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