A frame level

The A frame level is used determine contour of land and in my case for permaculture and slope of property. Taking Geoff Lawtons permaculture design course this is a tool that I would need. Technology has come to the point where you can use laser levels, GPS indicators, and even heavy machinery equipped with the technology to measure, shape the land easily. I don’t have access to money for the equipment, and technology can fail you.  So I made my own. I first learned about a frame level from Jack Spirko on The Survival Podcast. I took the design from a podcast he did, and adapted it to my own, and made a slight improvement. Since I am consulting and my frame needed to be portable I added a few improvements to suit my needs.

Here is the finished product.


My improvement was adding thumb screws and treaded connections.


I can easily take it apart and transport in my car/tuck for a consult.


I marked the center 1×2 with lines where the plumb line should be if the ground was level.


A laser level could cost hundreds for determining contour of property. GPS the same. I had the 1×2 left over from another project. It cost me 4$ for the hardware, and the plumb and line were center strands from paracord I had and a fishing weight I found that is too big for the kind of fishing we do.

It doesn’t need software updates, no batteries to charge or die while using it, no manual to read and memorize. This kind of technology has been used for a long time, and I think some of this knowledge is lost. I believe it is time we brought some of it back.


One response to “A frame level

  1. That’s brilliant…looks so simple but incredibly effective

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