Medicinal Herb Garden, Then and now

So time for some updates. It has been a year since we put in our medicinal herb garden. Not only have the plants thrived but we have some new additions.

 Here is the garden before we started.

Herb Garden day 0

Herb Garden day 0

Here is the garden in May-June 2012


Here is the garden today. Much growth. We also took down the boxwood bushes in the background and added a pergola. We added kiwi, goji berries, and hops to climb up and on the pergola.


In the herb garden we added nettle, wintergreen, sweet grass, dill, white sage, valerian and a few others. Thanks to Hobbit gardens at the Indy farmers market.


We have harvested quite a bit. Chamomile, calendula, horseradish, comfrey, various mint, catnip, basil, feverfew, lavender, lemongrass, yarrow, and evening primrose. We hope to harvest more this year.


We have lots of other updates stay tuned.

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