Farm update June 2013

There has been a huge delay in posting and that is mainly because we have been busy teaching classes, taking classes, and getting our own homestead up and running with spring. We now have some more time so look for new posts and we are trying for one a week, and with photos. For instance, making a strawberry barrel, what the homestead looked like 1 year ago and today, more chickens, new gardens, new aquaponics, rebuilding greenhouse aquaponics. Stay tuned.

I am now taking Permaculture Design course from Geoff Lawton. I should gain my certificate in design and teaching later this summer. Already learning lots of new techniques and principals. If you have never heard of permaculture and Geoff Lawton, check out .

We are now offering consulting on getting your own homestead up and running. From apartment dwellers to the 5 acre homestead. Until completion of the class larger acreage I can defer to someone else running a beyond organic farm. Check out the consulting page, for more details. This is just a rough idea on what we can offer. We also offer tours of our own homestead to allow you to see some of the principals in action.

In addition to the consulting we are also offering certain items for sale. Strawberry barrels, raised beds, aquaponic builds. Contact us for your specific request.

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