Wolf-Beach Farms

Hi everyone and welcome to Wolf-Beach Farms.


Our family has converted our 0.2 acre lot into a food production machine and we feel we are only using a portion of our property with so much more to go. We have chickens for eggs, mini orchard, edible landscaping, aquaponics, rainwater harvesting, medicinal herbs, and so much more.

null_zps0e0eb584Planting barrel/composter Rainwater collection system

With a family of 6 we have been teaching our kids and others the valuable lesson of becoming more self sufficient from the food we produce to tips, tools and techniques. This website is our way to demonstrate some of our lessons, progress, and information to the world. We have posts on gardening, permaculture, money saving tips, herbal information and sometimes just what is on our mind.

Medicinal Herb garden 2 yearIMG_0447

I am Rick, and my wife Brandie, have been working on this for about 3 years here in Indianapolis. We have many years prior experience but the real intensity happened at our current home. Many lessons learned along the way. We give personal classes, tours as well as group tours and classes on various topics. Rick is a graduate of Geoff Lawton’s permaculture design course and consults and teaches people what he has learned. There is the theory portion of permaculture and then the portion of practical application and most familiar with temperate climates (USDA zones 4-8) and more specifically zone 5a and b in the urban and suburban areas. We both believe that reduction in purchased materials and reusing or recycling what you have is not only the best for the environment but also best for the wallet. Rick seems to have a knack for coming up with a solution that won’t break the bank. With a background in Chemistry, engineering, environmental sciences, business management and marketing he has quite a few tools in his kit. He found his passion when he was turned onto permaculture while studying environmental science. Currently interning for livestock management and rotational grazing, he is adding some new tools to the kit. He does the majority of publishing (both on the website and several publications as well) as well as the consulting and classes. He is currently published in 4 different print and online magazines and journals. Classes are given fairly regularly at various locations.

Brandie has a background in biology and livestock management. Growing up on a working farm she has the hands on experience of larger animals. Her knowledge of conventional livestock management combined with permaculture and newer practices including free range grazing, chemical free animal husbandry helps blend and transition to a safer way of raising animals. Brandie has studied medicinal herbs and therapeutic essential oils and has transitioned our family from depending on manmade pharmaceuticals to a more natural way to treat the family. With an extensive history in quality control she is meticulous about fact checking and making sure every aspect of the process is accurate and complete. The organizer of the family she helps maintain all the ideas and concepts generated by Rick together and in a organized fashion.

Come in and check out some of what we have to offer. Upcoming classes are listed, as well as a list of topics covered. Interested in some consulting, we have a page for that. From time to time we also have items for sale, this might be overage of what we have produced, or something we need to sell to make room for other projects. We have a testimonial section so you can read what others have to say about us.



5 responses to “Wolf-Beach Farms

  1. Where are you located, I have a leaf compost site in Hamilton county

    • Hi John, we are located on Indy’s Southside. We are always looking to network and connect with other local businesses especially in sustainability. We have family in Noblesville and will have to swing by sometime and check out your place.

  2. The Editors of Garden Variety

    Welcome aboard!

  3. I would to meet you all! We are on the near eat side of Indy and would love to be doing this!

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